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Digital Platform: An eye on farm performance

A new digital platform is the basis for Produzindo Certo’s Consultation product and allows for agile analysis and monitoring of the main social and environmental risks

This agile and digital program is connected to the main databases for deforestation, overlapping of land with conservation or Indigenous areas, slave labor blacklists, and more. Produzindo Certo’s Consultation product offers producers and agribusiness companies concerned with managing their chains a safe, fast, and efficient analysis of rural properties.

It is all possible thanks to Produzindo Certo’s new digital platform. With better technology and greater accessibility, the platform allows for remote and real-time monitoring. The technical team registers properties and monitors actions. If, for example, new areas of deforestation are detected on one of these properties, the alert arrives on the platform and analysts verify the information and whether the property has a license for vegetation removal. The same happens in cases of environmental embargoes or changes in the status of the property’s CAR (Rural Environmental Registry), for example.

Data provides more transparency in the relationship between rural producers and their customers and guarantees accurate and secure information, since the platform is linked to the main official data sources, such as the Ministry of the Environment, FUNAI (National Indigenous Foundation), IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment), and MapBiomas, among others.

Through Produzindo Certo’s online platform, instant reports are generated on the status of the farms, either on a consolidated basis or for a specific property. This information helps companies learn about and identify points of risk in their production chain. The tool can also be adapted to different farm profiles, large or small, applied to a large number of properties simultaneously, and applied to different agribusiness crops, like grain or animal production. 

“This product is a new feature of Produzindo Certo and was designed based on the needs of many companies to increase transparency and obtain a quick and essential analysis of their chain”, adds Charton Locks, COO of the company. 

Consultation has two service options: the standard version offers reports on the social and environmental assessment of one or more rural properties, at any time, ensuring transparency, agility, and efficiency. In the plus version, in addition to the instant report, companies have access to an information dashboard, which shows the status of one or more properties, and automatic alerts in the event any item monitored has a status change, thereby becoming an important management tool. 

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