We have been developing for the past 16 years, together with farmers and ranchers, an exclusive methodology that identifies the actions required for rural properties to produce in harmony with people and the environment.

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  • 2004

    We started under the name Aliança da Terra, a non-governmental organization committed to helping rural producers.
    From diagnosing problems, to implementing solutions, every step was monitored, ensuring transparency and trust to companies that purchase their production.

  • 2005

    The project began to spread and more and more people proved that conscious agribusiness was possible.

  • 2006

    A total of 23 properties have already joined the Produzindo Certo platform, totaling more than 123,000 hectares monitored in Brazil.

    23 properties

    123000 HA monitored

  • 2009

    We created the Aliança Fire Brigade, with the sole purpose of protecting the forest from fires through initiatives to prevent, control, and directly fight slash & burn practices and forest fires. Today it operates in the northeastern portion of Mato Grosso and Goiás, in the Cerrado and Amazon biomes.

    248 properties

    1715019 HA monitored

  • 2015

    Together with partner companies, we introduced the Produzindo Certo seal, which can be used on products to ensure consumers of their social and environmental origin, indicating that the food was produced on a farm that adopts best production practices, respecting people and the environment.

    903 properties

    4388601 HA monitored

  • 2020

    The Produzindo Certo platform becomes an independent company, reinforcing its purpose of bringing together producers, companies, and society to transform the agribusiness production chains.

    1307 properties

    5682257 HA monitored

  • 2021

    In just one year with the new identity, Produzindo Certo has increased the number of registered properties by 70%, with more than 2.9 million hectares of native forests monitored

    2580 propriedades

    6324397 HA monitorados


What We Do

Produzindo Certo offers a real solution for companies concerned with ensuring a supply chain that is verified using the strictest standards of social and environmental commitment.

With an exclusive assessment protocol and use of technology, we combine onsite actions with the use of satellites to deliver to our customers proposals for changes in the rural environment, offering everything, from diagnosis and guidance to complete management of the supply chain, always aware that only a profitable activity can guarantee compliance with the practices appointed.

From field to table, the transformation of the production chain

Good for producers

By integrating with Produzindo Certo, producers will have a clear assessment of the situation of their properties and once they receive high-level technical guidance to help them adopt best environmental practices, they will be able to open their doors to new business opportunities with companies that seek reputable suppliers, and qualify for bank credit lines that require compliance with legal guidelines in the social and environmental areas.

Good for businesses

Produzindo Certo allows companies that operate in the Agribusiness segment to develop actions to qualify suppliers, adding the necessary transparency in fulfilling their commitments to responsible production—and consequently, in partnership with producers, offer confidence to their customers.

Good for consumers

When purchasing products certified by Produzindo Certo, consumers can be sure they will be contributing to environmental preservation and respect for the rights of rural workers.

Good for all



NEARLY 20,000





Transparency 24 hours, anywhere

All information regarding your project and monitoring by Produzindo Certo can be followed online through a customized dashboard, accessed on your computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Produzindo Certo in Action

For each of our products, we carry out different actions with rural producers. Understand how we work with rural producers*:

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Nice to meet you

The first step in every project comprises a questionnaire answered remotely. Easy to understand and with objective answers, it will provide a pre-diagnosis of the farm's social and environmental situation.


Technical Visit

To learn more about this situation, Produzindo Certo's field team, which includes forestry engineers, environmental veterinary engineers, zootechnicians and agronomists, schedules a visit to the farm.


Action plan

The Produzindo Certo team uses an exclusive protocol to prepare its social and environmental diagnosis and helps to draw up an action plan for the continuous improvement of the farm, respecting the priorities and financial availability of each producer.



Produzindo Certo's solutions may include farm monitoring plans, prepared on site (follow-up visits) or remotely (using satellite images and digital or telephone monitoring)

*Important: performing the various stages depends on the service acquired by your company.

Our products

Products of the Produzindo Certo Platform

Our tools combine the best of technology with the essence of fieldwork, aiming to bring producers and companies closer together and, thus, promote transformation in the agribusiness chains.

Produzindo certo


See, in real time, the social and environmental risks of your property or of your entire supply chain

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Produzindo certo


Update your rural property or supply chain using the best social and environmental standards and practices in the market.

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Produzindo certo

Value Chain

Find the best processes and partners to restructure your company’s supply chains from a network of certified producers.

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Produzindo Certo Seal

Companies that have won the right to use the Produzindo Certo Seal add value to their product by ensuring transparency in their supply chain and showing society that they comply with best practices in production, respect for people and the environment. Do like Carrefour, Celeiro and other leaders in sustainable production. To learn how to obtain this differentiation, click here and contact us.

About Us

The Produzindo Certo team is formed of specialists in several areas, but everyone with a focus the pursuit of a balance between production and management of natural and human resources. They are agronomists, forestry and environmental engineers, veterinarians and zootechnicians. They form multidisciplinary teams to analyze and propose actions to farmers and ranchers. The group is reinforced by specialized professionals according to the demand of projects that require more professionals and new qualifications.